Wesak Day Bathing of Buddha Statue

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Malaysian Buddhist Association (MBA) upholds the safety of the public, taking covid-19 prevention and control as primary consideration, stops wesak day’s gathering activities, at the same time to take care of public benefit, publishes a video recorded by the teachers and students of Malaysian Buddhist Institute about bathing of Buddha statue and chanting scene for Buddha day this year, public can join this auspicious event online synchronously at home.

Buddhists nationwide are welcomed to watch this event synchronously during Buddha’s Birthday, together we chant, chant the verse for bathing Buddha, bath the Buddha statue, bless for the world’s purification, pandemic be eradicated completely, dedicate the merit for human heart towards Dharma, long abiding of the true teaching.

MBA wishes devotees and public can share it with the family members to join this auspicious event together at home.