“Concerted Efforts Towards Global Immunizations” reminder card event

Malaysian Buddhist Association (MBA) organizes the “Concerted Effort Towards Global Immunizations” reminder card event.

MBA encourages the teachers, students, and members of the Dhamma Class, youth club, and Buddhist disciples nationwide to design the creative reminder card via computer or hand drawing, in the hope of using the power of multimedia to call on the public to adhere to standard operating procedures during the pandemic reopening period and work together towards global immunizations. Besides that, the souvenir will be given to the participant as encouragement of participation.

The format of the card can be JPEG, GIF, or a short video clip (less than a minute). If you are interested in participating “Concerted Effort Towards Global Immunizations” reminder card event, please send your creation, together with your name (English and Chinese), email, phone number, and address, to mba.hq@mbahq.my .The URL link of cards designed by the Dhamma class teachers and students is provided as a guideline for your reference.

MBA hopes that the public will participate and spread the event, together we share the reminders with our relatives and friends to remind us to continue to observe the safety measures in order to achieve Concerted Effort Towards Global Immunizations.

Inquiry: Sister Teoh,Tel.: 012 643 5690