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Established on 19 April 1959, Malaysian Buddhist Association (MBA) is a nation-wide Buddhist organization. Its main objectives include promoting Buddhism, education, charity, youth activities, social welfare activities and the spreading of Dharma.
MBA’s current premises was built in 1971. As a result of flourishing activities over the years, MBA and its ancillary bodies are faced with floor space constraint which hinders their development and growth. Cheng Hua Kindergarten (CHK) and Sunday School for Children (SSC) are temporarily housed at other monastery. Classrooms and hostels for Malaysian Buddhist Institute (MBI) are lacking and the facilities need improvement. Buddhist Free Clinic with Acupuncture Unit (MFC) is squeezed in a corner at the back of the building, thus making it difficult to cope with the increasing number of patients.
In line with our expansion and society’s needs, MBA is planning to build a 15-storeyed new building and to raise the building and E&C funds in order to boost Buddhist education, to groom upcoming generations, to spread Dharma and to expand MFC.
In this Saha world, human beings are not able to refrain from the suffering of birth, old age, sickness and death. Jealousy, hatred, rebellion, natural disasters have brought about sufferings to mankind. To save all living beings, Buddha has propagated his teaching, such as to extinguish greed, anger and delusion, and to be reborn in the Pure Land. MBA aspires to continue with the great mission of the Buddha. Besides setting up MBI, CHK & SSC, MBA provides correspondence courses in Buddhism, Buddhism courses for adults, evening & tuition classes and computer & IT classes. By doing so, MBA nurtures new generations for Buddhist organisations and this in turn will benefit the society at large.
In Johor Baru, MBA operates Long Hua Home (LHH), which houses a population of about 200 old folks and handicapped persons. LHH’s annual operating cost is estimated at RM500,000.
MBA works closely with the Malaysian Renal Care Association which provides nursing care to kidney patients. Free medical services, via MFC and Blood Donation & First Aid teams have also been set up. MBA pays about RM200,000 annually in aid of the poor and elderly patients. It sponsors funeral related expenses, performs rites for the dead and helps the bereaved family members. MBA also conducts frequent visits and extends financial assistance to charitable organisations.
To carry out the above tasks more positively and effectively, better facilities coupled with a stable source of funds are our immediate priorities. In view of these, we sincerely appeal to all Buddhist organisations and devotees, irrespective of sects, to be strongly united, to extend loving kindness and compassion and contribute generously to this fund raising exercise. We also wish to appeal to all philanthropists to contribute generously towards this meritorious deed.
May you be well and happy. May Buddhism prosper and all sentient beings soon reap the wonderful Bodhi fruit.