20th National Convention of Malaysian Buddhist Association-The president’s speech in Opening Ceremony

20th National Convention of Malaysian Buddhist Association
The President’s Speech
By Venerable Jit Heng

There is a quote in Avataṃsaka Sūtra, “Bodhisattvas, like the clear, cool moon, traverse the universe; when sentient beings eradicate all defilements within their minds, the Bodhi moon will appear,” which means Bodhisattvas traverse the universe like the moon. How can sentient beings get the response from Bodhisattvas? If the sentient beings’ minds are pure, without dust or defilements, the clear, bright moon will reflect on the ocean of our minds.

There is a saying, “don’t leave regret in life,” which means making full use of every minute and second, always do great thing which benefit oneself and others. Everyone present here, all divisions and branches of Malaysian Buddhist Association are doing this great jobs!

I on behalf of everyone from Malaysian Buddhist Association, would like to express my greatest gratitude to all of you, “thank you, thank you for your hard work.” As we know, Buddhism needs all of us.

In this era, it is not easy to spin the Wheel of Dhamma and promote Dhamma. There is still no breakthrough in many aspects of Buddhism which need improvement. For example, some Buddhist organizations promote charity and education, but by working alone, without the strength of teamwork, they face bottleneck and it seems like there is no way to continue. On the other hand, some organizations blossom. Why is that? That is because we, as leaders, there exists a gap in people management.

In fact, in the current climate, although the economy is developed, many corporate and government bodies are willing to help and support Buddhism; some regions supported building Buddhist temples or organisations, after feeling the need of Buddhism. This may look like a good thing, but the development and management of Buddhism and leadership still need to be strengthened, or the propagation of Buddhism to be everlasting will be difficult.

The team of Malaysian Buddhist Organisation faces many different challenges while leading the Buddhist community. For example, the public wonders if the Committee of Malaysian Buddhist Association handles interaction on political platform, providing for improving economic situation, resolving human disputes, waiting for existing charity and education, resisting pseudo Buddhist cults, among others. Most are not aware, but we as the Committee of Malaysian Buddhist Association are constantly handling these problems, and shouldering the problems and situations mentioned above, and thinking of solutions.

We understand the problems in this “container world” are the result of our shared karma, we bear the responsibility of leading the public, therefore when we perform the Buddhist mission, we will also face these problems. We also understand that, every human life has different experiences. What someone under hardship needs the most is everyone’s strength, to carry and support each other, you give me a hand, I guide you toward kindness, to complement each other, and only then can the strength be strong.

Everyone, Buddhism from traditional to modern, from jungle to society, from retiracy to salvation, from solitary to crown, from prayer to career, from charity to education, from chaos to system, all need leadership by correct knowledge. Currently Malaysian Buddhist Association has brought Buddhism to the masses, and made great effort towards national harmony, fair weather, family life and peace among everyone.

We, 19th office bearers of the national council, taking up the responsibility since 2016, from the past three years, inherit the past and inspire the future, taking the responsibility to make Buddhism of Malaysia great, cultivate talents in Buddhism for the future, and this definitely also the responsible of all Buddhists. In this opening ceremony of 20th national convention of Malaysian Buddhist Association, let us be brave, self-motivating, ready to contribute for Buddhism and all sentient beings, appreciate the chance to learn Buddhism in this life, pay back the fourfold kindness which from sentient beings, country, parents and triple gems.

Today, by the power of Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha, I build great vows, purify the karmic obstacles, increase in both virtue and wisdom, and may peace all over every corner of the world. That all from me to share with brothers and sister in the Dhamma.

May the triple gems remain for a long time, all sentient beings increase in both virtue and wisdom, world peace and prosperity, the wheel of Dhamma never stop spinning.